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2011 is finally here!
you had a good 2010 everyone?
I hav eno idea what to write XD...
but I hope we have a good year to look forward to :iconiluplz:

:snowflake:Welcome to the December heroes! :snowflake:

Have you ever felt that you want to do something more than just being like everyone else? 1 in a million, or even less?

Then join us :heart:!

Anyone can! you'll become a secret agent who helps spreading joy and love over the world!
All you need is a secret identity/cooldress and a kickass hero name and Poof! you're one of us!... Kinda... XD
Of course we have rules and stuff like that! you can read them at the end of this Blog~
Also here is some tips for when you create your littel hero~

onto our
Main mission
:heart:Spreading joy and love:heart:
Spreading joy and love is easy! There's A LOT of different way to do it to! You can start with stop being mean, that automaticly means you're nic- okey guys I'll tell you the truth... that doesn't work... but it's easier than that!just smile and be happy and affect peopel around you, who knows, you'll mayby make their day if you say something funny, or just support someone XD! You also feel good after doing something good ya' know ;D

Our second mission
This mission is a bit more childlish and random~
each year starting 1st december until new year we will have parties everynight and get drunkt and then WE WILL DRIVE IN A CAR WHOHOOO
okey okey jk XD
but we will have a special event each year ^^! We will also make our own chrismas Calender 8D! to count down chrismas :heart:! (and yes you can join even if you don't celebrate chrismas and stuff, we can still have fun!)

but of course, The december heros are more than just random event that's only happens one month a year! yeah we're more than that! Don't let yourself get tricked by our awsome name, we work with spreding joy all the time!
and have fun wiiiee

After joining you have to put your hero in one of these clans, each clan will get differet mission and tasks each event we have. You can also create a own Clan if you don't seem to fit in any of the others, or give ideas to what different clans can help with!

If you want to creat an own clan you first have to ask us of course, and write what you want it to be about, and you need at least ONE member to the clan (would be pretty pointless without a first member eh?)but if you want to create, for an exampel, a ''handsome clan'' and there alredy is one called ''good looking clan'' we will put you in that clan insteed, so check the clans before planning anything!

The Pet Clan
A clan for kerojins with pets! or kerojins that loves pets and want to care for them ect ect, like a pet club!

:snowflake:Neon Fox

The snacks clan
If you like Snacks/candy then this is the clan for you! This clan always celebrate stuff with having snacks! During parties they are the one who fix snacks and stuff to drink.

:snowflake:Mega Mocking Maffia Marabou Miroro

:snowflake: Lilmiss Troubel Bowlulu

:snowflake: Legal Lemon Lemomo

:snowflake: Power pearl Pololo

The Snow clan
Mainly a snowball fight clan, who have fights with The other snow clan, Snow clan 2. Snowy is the leader of the first snow clan, meaning this. Everyone that think snow is fun/beutifull or just want to play war schould join this!

:snowflake:Super Sweet Silver Snowy…

:snowflake:Super Slushy…

:snowflake: Icy Kaabii

:snowflake: Sukiki

The Second Snow clan
Exactly the same as the snow clan above, but still a bit different.
This Snow clan is leaded by Dark Snowy, so it's like.... more seriously...
so if you take fighting more seriously (even if it's just with snow) this Snow clan is probably a better choose.

:snowflake:Dusty Dark Snowy…

:snowflake:Dark Gilolo…

:snowflake: Cedotchi Mow…

the justice clan
The clan for justice! no more to tell!

:snowflake: Veilet Violet

:snowflake: Justice turtle Zapipi

:snowflake: Roller…

:snowflake: Sharara

The Decoration Clan
The decoration clan is totally based on making everything look pretty and joyful with lovely looking decorations!

:snowflake:Desu Decor Domomo

:snowflake:Delightful Decora Deroro

:snowflake: Starara

The Sport clan
we hang around the ski slopes and ice rinks. we participate in games such as hockey and curling. when were not ripping up the mountains with ski's, ski blades or boards we're relaxing in the lodges drinking hot chocolate and sandwiches. every so often we are sent to an accident to help cheer them up and or get the off the slops ASAP!



:snowflake:Snow Flare

If you have any good idea for a clan then please note us! we would be happy to hear *w*

:snowflake: Rules
- Accept peopel and their characters, If you don't like someone, then ignore them, don't start fights!
- No spam, hate art or art theives and stuff.
- All art you sumbit here have to be about your december hero or/and someone else's, Of course there can be other peopel in the picture to but don't sumbit something completly random... unless it's super-mega-december-hero-random :heart:
- you CAN make more than one hero, if you would like two (or more) of your OCs to be heroes together, or just want different OCs to join different clans! but plz no spamming and stuff. There is currently no rule for how many OCs you can have for the moment, but if someone starts to spam then there will be.

Now, If you're confused, just note me! I'll be glad to explain ^^!
and if you're not confused... then what are you waiting for 8D?
Join now 8D!
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ChazzPrincetonLuver Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2011
how do you submit your people into a clan?
tikitikiLola Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2011  Hobbyist
I told you in the other commet >u<!
ashlooloo Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010  Student Digital Artist
SNOWYYY!! I want to join *w*b
And sorry I haven't responded to your other comment, I'm a horrible person :ohnoes: :iconorzplz:
Yamio Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
You don´t have to ask dear ;w;
Just join! *w*b
ashlooloo Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Okay :iconbunnyloveplz:
And Yamiss |:C I thought you said you were gonna be gone :iconcryforeverplz:
Yamio Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Some things happened ;w;'
Im back at least for a while
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tikitikiLola Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2010  Hobbyist
awwwww OF CURSE YOU CAN :noes:!

what comment ;u;?
ashlooloo Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2010  Student Digital Artist
YAYA!! :love: I will design an Ori-Kero now :icon0u0plz:
Can she/he be in the 1st Snow Clan :3?
tikitikiLola Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2010  Hobbyist
sure 8'D!!
that would be awsome :icon0u0plz:
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Klonoa13 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2010
Can I Join too? ^^
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